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Why Do People Use Cocaine

In fact, they were discovered in greater quantities than drugs such as cocaine …

Cocaine is a stimulant drug. Many people using cocaine in colleges do it to stay up all night to study for tests or exams and also to party all night long.

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Credit: University of Pennsylvania Cocaine and other drugs of abuse hijack the …

Many people are asking, "Why do people use cocaine?" There are a variety of reasons that people choose to use cocaine. Below is a list of some of the reasons that cocaine use is so prevalent in today's society:

Cocaine and other drugs of abuse hijack the natural reward circuits in the brain. …

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What's snorting cocaine like? Unbiased look into the cocaine drug blow high to cocaine addictionSeek answers to drug abuse questions or help those in need.

Why Do People Use Cocaine? NIDA reports that drug use is often fueled by one or more of the following reasons: Feeling the high.Cocaine, in all of its forms, is known to produce a quick high that is appealing to many, especially in party situations.

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