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Houston 4th Largest City

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Is Houston the fourth largest city in the US? … Houston city of Texas state is 4th largest populated city in US with a population of 2,100,263 and density 3,501 per …

Houston still 4th largest city 2.3 million as of Nov 22. Vilas Bhuchar, Nov 30, 10.

CHICAGO — A new report says that chicago will soon see its top-3 status in the U.S. fall to the wayside thanks to a booming town down South. According to Reuters, Houston, the Lone Star State's most populous city and currently the nation's fourth largest, will take over the windy City as the na…

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Historic Flooding In Houston Devastates The Nation's 4th Largest CityHouston, Texas 4th largest city in US Cityscapes and Skyline Photos

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